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I'm a 28-year-old female professional, who has spent many years as an extremely WARY customer of auto shops. This sense of distrust was a result of a myriad of bad experiences with mechanics who took advantage of my lack of knowledge for cars. HOWEVER, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting your faith in Greg's Auto Service and Repair. This is a remarkably well-run business, operated by an owner who actually cares about his customers - not an ounce of greed in this man's heart. My car was in dire need of good attention, and that's exactly what it got. I'm so thankful I stumbled across his business, and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else after working with Greg and his wife Marsha. What a team! This is a MUST-GO repair shop.


Wonderful service. We have had several of family cars repaired at Greg's. Trust and fast service.


I've never met a more honest repair shop. They are fantastic. Fast. Reasonable and they don't try to sell me something I don't need. My friends turn me on to Greg's and I'm really happy they did. If you want to feel safe, looking for a mechanic, then I recommend Greg's Auto.


People there are extremely nice! When I walk in or call them you instantly feel like a friend that you've known for a few years. That's how well they treat you, you never feel like just a business opportunity it's more of friendship. Highly recommend you go to them for service if you ever need it.


I came to know Greg when he was working for another shop. Loved his attitude from that day. Asked for him a few months later, but found that he had opened his own shop. I have had work done on my cars by this new shop for many years now, mostly on stuff too hard to do on my own. And he is honest, stands behind his work, reasonable price, friendly and punctual. He keeps you up to date, and there are no surprises sprung upon you. And I know of others who are his repeat customers for those very reasons. I do not typically go around recommending businesses, but for this one, I will do so. Take your car to him, and I am sure you will be happy. Everybody needs to know a good, honest mechanic.

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